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What Is The Cap Trail Bike Shuttle?

The Cap Trail Bike Shuttle is a service that transports riders and their bicycles along the Virginia Capital Trail.

Choose Your Own Ride

With the Cap Trail Bike Shuttle you can choose how far and what part of the trail you want to ride.

Safe and Comfortable

Enjoy the comfort of a roomy climate controlled shuttle van that securely transports your bike.

Cold Water and Snacks

We know you’re going to be tired and thirsty after your ride. That’s why we offer complimentary ice water and snacks on every shuttle.
Why Ride The Trail?

Enjoy 52 scenic miles of nature including Virginia parks, plantations, and historic battlefields. Stop at the playground at Dorey Park or visit the site of the first Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation! Savor a glass of wine at a local vineyard or a pint of beer at a brewery or tavern.

Simplify Your Journey
Let the Cap Trail Bike Shuttle make planning easy by dropping you and your bike off at your preferred starting point or driving you back.  Ride further down the trail and explore more of Virginia’s history and natural beauty by choosing a one way cycling trip.
Our Story
The Cap Trail Bike Shuttle is operated by Richmond locals Alison McGrail and Cheyenne Burnham. When the Virginia Capital Trail opened up in 2015, the two friends, along with Cheyenne’s husband Jay, began talking about biking the 52 mile trip into Jamestown, but hit a snag when the conversation turned to the difficulties of getting back. So on a car ride one sunny afternoon, a good idea was set in motion. With Alison’s business ownership background and enthusiasm for wellness as a registered dietitian and Cheyenne’s marketing experience, it became clear they could make the right connections to get a bike shuttle service moving for the Capital Trail. And they did.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains/snows/tornadoes/hurricanes?
In the event of inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel the shuttle if it is unsafe to ride and/or drive.  We will contact you via the email address that you provided for your booking. We will also announce the cancellation on our facebook page.  If it’s a light rain, we encourage you to wear a poncho or rain jacket! Our cancellation policy requires a 24 hour notice for a full refund. We will examine any last-minute cancellations due to weather on a case by case basis.
Can I bring my kids?
Kids are welcome but if they require a car seat, you must provide one as per Virginia State Code.
What if I don’t have a bike?
This is not a problem at all! There are many rental options available in both Richmond and Jamestown/Williamsburg.  Search online or check out the clickable links on our website under “bike pals”
What if I can’t make it to the stop in time?
Please, please,  please do everything you can to plan in advance for extra time to reach your destination. You may find yourself cycling into the wind or wanting to stop for a bite to eat. Allow yourself plenty of time to reach your shuttle stop. You should be present and ready to load with your bicycle at least 10 minutes before your departure time.  We do leave ON TIME. In the event of an emergency, please text us at 804-554-1898 and reference your name and number of passengers who are with you and the best contact number to reach you. A driver will not text back while driving, but will check for messages at each stop location if someone is missing and reply at that time.
How long will it take me to get to pick up X?
Mileage is listed for each item when booking. Try to decide how many miles per hour you will ride. For instance, if you ride a leisurely to moderate pace of 10mph and would like to stop for a few water breaks or to enjoy the scenery, then plan for a 3hr 30min bicycle ride for the 30 mile Richmond — Charles City Courthouse segment. Add some extra time to arrive early or have a bite at Cul’s Courthouse Grille and you should be good! If you have no idea how long it will take you, we advise shuttling to your starting point and cycling at your leisure back to where you came from. This will be less stressful for all of us!
How difficult is the trail?
Well, that depends! Do you cycle regularly? How far do you usually ride? What kind of bicycle are you using? The Virginia Capital Trail is a relatively flat ride however there is a climb leaving downtown Richmond as well as gradual ascents and descents along the trail. The ride is much easier on a hybrid or road bike vs a cruiser or a mountain bike.
Something came up, how do I reschedule or cancel?
We understand. For changes to your trip, you should contact us by phone or email at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive a full refund. For groups of 4 or more, we require 72 hours notice in order to have time to advertise and fill those seats.
What if I have a tandem/recumbent/touring/etc/ bike?
You must note your specialty bicycle in the comments section when booking so we can be sure we can accommodate you. We can accommodate tandem bicycles, but only 2 per trip and you must let us know in advance.  We may even ask you for measurements of your bicycle.
What if I need a shuttle at a time that isn’t listed on your schedule?
Please call 804-554-1898 and we’ll do our best accommodate your request!
How far in advance do I need to book?
It is advised you book your Shuttle time at least the day before you need it. We do our best but can not guarantee we will be able to accommodate a last minute shuttle request. Sometimes we don’t have anyone booked at a certain time and that shuttle will be canceled the morning of. We will do our best to do what we can for emergencies or larger parties but please try to book the day before you need a ride.
Where is your pricing?
When you click on “Book Your Shuttle Ride!”, choose your preferred trip, and select your preferred day and time. Once you enter how many seats you need, you’ll be prompted to enter how many riders. At this point, you can see our price scale without having to enter any further information. If you have questions, please call 804-554-1898.
What if I need a different pick-up or drop-off than listed?
Along the Virginia Capital Trail, we can usually accommodate pick-ups and drop-offs at other points including Herring Creek, North Bend, and Edgewood. If you need to be picked up or dropped off at your hotel, we will do our best to accommodate you with an additional fee. Please call to discuss these options.

Pick-up/Drop-off Locations

Lower Stone Brewing Parking Lot

The lower Stone Brewing parking lot located at 16 Nicholson Street.

Upper Shirley Vineyard

Located at mile marker 30, you can bike 20 miles from Richmond or 10 miles from Four Mile Creek Park and then relax with wine and delicious cuisine while enjoying beautiful views of the James River. Plantation tours also available.

4 Mile Creek Park

Four Mile is easily accessible from 295 and located at mile marker 40. Bike 10 miles to Upper Shirley Vineyard or 20 miles to Charles City Courthouse. Stock up on snacks and drinks and gas right across the street.

Jamestown Settlement

Visitor Center parking lot at the Jamestown Settlement. Visible straight ahead at mile marker 0.

Charles City Courthouse

Located between mile markers 20 and 21 directly on the Virginia Capital Trail path on Courthouse Rd in downtown Charles City. It is across the street from the Cul’s Courthouse Grille.

Bike Pals

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